For retail or foodservice

Wholesaling for businesses

Odagaki carries wholesale products for traditional Japanese restaurants and other dining establishments as well as food manufacturers. Odagaki provides a stable supply of high quality product at optimum prices for businesses seeking superb beans that are a rank above the rest.
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Odagaki's products for business use

TAMBAGURO Black Soybeans: Extra Large (Raw Beans)

Tamba Large Red Bean (Raw Beans)

Frozen Premium Black Soybean EDAMAME

Sweet Boiled TAMBAGURO Black Soybeans with liquid

Sweet Boiled TAMBAGURO Black Soybean KANOKO

Sweet Boiled OMI Black Soybean KANOKO

Roasted TAMBAGURO Black Soybeans

Premium TAMBAGURO Black Soybean TEA in tea-bag

Hyogo TAMBAGURO Black Soybean TEA in tea-bag

Premium Dolce, Black Soybean Chocolate

Premium Dolce, Black Soybeans with Sugar

Premium Dolce, Sweetened Soft Black Soybeans

Premium Dolce, Matcha Sweetened Black Soybeans

Roasted TAMBAGURO Black Soybean Kinako Flour

Bracken-starch Dumpling with TAMBAGURO Black Soybeans

Steamed Premium TAMBAGURO Black Soybeans

Steamed Soft Soybeans

Sweet Jam of Premium Red Adzuki Beans

Please contact us for business inquiries by Email or Fax.Email: 81-79-552-5375